Our Mission:

The proceeds will benefit Beats & Eats Foundation, a non- profit foundation committed to funding the education of Music and Culinary Art students. Beats & Eats Foundation is founded by former NFL Wide Receiver, Macey Brooks who always had inspirations to be a chef. When his life turned towards professional sports, he had to put his passion on hold. Now that he has retired from his professional career, he can now reach out and help others pursue their dreams in music & culinary arts. The plight of Musicians and Culinary artists are important and critical to the acceptance and celebration of culture. This plight is not always glamorous nor financially prosperous, however, food and music are essential components to our life as we know it.

The Beats & Eats Foundation pays homage to that plight. Our mission is to raise funds for our Musical & Culinary Art Scholarship Fund. We look to celebrate and reward future culinary and music students with funds that can help start them on their education. Good music and food are often taken for granted but could you imagine a world without your favorite music artist or favorite meal? Us either. That is why we will help our cultural leaders succeed.